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What blade is recommended for use with The Mask Attachment?

For best results with this product, we suggest using a Diablo fiber cement blade when cutting fiber cement and any appropriate blade when cutting other items such as wood, plastic.....

What saws can I use The Mask Attachment with?

For best results with this product, we recommend using the Makita 7 1/4" Hypoid Circular Corded Saw. However, The Mask Attachment is compatible with the majority of Hypoid and Worm drive style saws.

What vacuum should I use with The Mask Attachment?

Any vacuum with a 1 ¼" hose will work, but for convenience and productivity, it is suggested to
use an auto start vacuum that the saw can be plugged into.
Suggested vacuums:
Dewalt 8 gal. Auto Start Vacuum
Fein Turbo 1 Auto Start Shop Vacuum

I don't have an auto start vacuum. Can I still use The Mask Attachment?

Yes, you can still use The Mask Attachment. During use you will need to manually turn on your vacuum before making any cuts. Alternatively, your vacuum can be retrofitted with an auto start switch.

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